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Gothic Warrioress

I know that it has been some time since my last blog, but I do have the handy excuse of having no internet for 4-5 weeks.

I thought I would do something completely different to the fashion blogs…. I was inspired by something said to me some time ago by a very good friend in SL. Although I have never been outgoing enough to try any roleplaying, I have outfits in my inventory which I would describe as RP customes.

I have had this outfit in my SL wardrobe for some time. Sapphirre (my sister in SL) introduced me to the wonderful store that is Husky, where you can get Medieval style dresses through to fantasy*, like the one that I have on in the pics (see below), for both men and women.

*Think of the Dune series of novels,  Lord of the Rings, and Stargate, etc.

I have in my large collection of books on history and archaeology, a fascinating one on the history of China from the perceptive of the Great Wall. Walls are not only built to keep people out, but they are also built to keep people in. You only need to look to the Berlin Wall in the 20th century to see the reality of walls as frontiers.

The book also dispells the myth that the Great Wall is made up of just one wall. It is not, but a collection of walls built over the last 3000 years by the Emperors of China to keep the nomadic tribes out and the Chinese people in. It also dispells the commonly held belief that the Great Wall can be seen from space.

The texture of the coat is so soft, it feels as if it would just melt away if touched. Yet it is perfectly contrasted with the hard stiffness of the collar and sleeve cuffs. The outfit comes with a tattoo for both upper and lower body, which I am not showing.




Outfit = Leeloo @ Husky GFX

Boots = Dearbhail boots black/dragon high heel @ Husky GFX (sold separately)

Hair = Tezza (Black) @ Deviant Kitties

Location = Great Wall of China


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