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Will be offline :(

Moving into new flat on Saturday, YAY !!!!  However, there is no phone or internet :(, so I will be offline for 2-3 weeks whilst I wait for broadband equipment to be delivered.

So before I briefly disappear into the internet’s equivalent of ether, I have decided to make another summer blog.

A quick question for all you fashionistas…..Do you love to mix & match, or do you prefer buying whole outfits? (please DON’T send any notecards to me LOL)

Personally, I do both. However, lately I have been mixing and matching, as you can have loads of different looks with very few clothing items. Accessories, such as jewellery, are essential. I also find having a black pair of either leggings or trousers is essential, although you may have your own favourite essential items of clothing 🙂

The top is from MALT, and comes with a black floral undershirt (which I have chosen not to show here). The top comes on the shirt & jacket layers, and the undershirt on the undershirt and shirt layers.  I have chosen to wear it with the black trousers from, which comes with prim leg cuffs for both high-heels and flat-soled shoes.

The jewellery is from the Leaf collection at Shiny Things, available as separate items for each of the 4 seasons.I chose the Autumn set as I like the colours of autumn, from the fiery reds to the burnt oranges and ambers. Also the jewellery is not too heavy and domineering when worn, so it nicely compliments the floral pattern of the top.

As the overall colour palate is on the somber side, I chose the Jessica 05 makeup (peach skintone) from Laqroki.

Classy Summer1_001

Classy Summer2_001


Skin – Jessica 05 (peach) – Laqroki

Hair – Effie (coal) – Deviant Kitties

Shirt – Madwin top (brown) – MALT

Pants – Trousers (black) –

Shoes – Saturday Flats (black) – Shiny Things

Jewellery – Autumn Leaf (earings, necklace & cuff) – Shiny Things

Accessories – Milly Belt (Black & Gold) – Pixel Fashion

Pose – f-portrait pose 04 by Jonimation (freebie) (Picture 2)

Location – (Jardin d’amants)


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