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Summer Newness

Carrying from the Summer is Here post, I thought I would blog 2 variations of my current look in SL.

Although Beauty Avatar may be familiar to most residents in regards to the skins and shapes on sale, the designers behind the Beauty Avatar label have ventured into designing clothes. Having noticed on the Beauty Avatar blog that they had just released a new collection, I thought I would pop in and have a look.

One of the items on sale is the ‘Jenna’ tunic. It has a checkerboard pattern and comes in 6 colours (Brown, Fuxia (sic), Blue, White, Emerald and Grey).  The top is on layers 🙂 which to me is a must, as I am known occasionally to be wearing a tattoo or underies.

New to me is Laqroki Skins. Shibari (my beloved) gave me the landmark to the store some time ago, after my blog on skins, so the other week I decided to go and check it out. Like all stores that sell skins, they have free demos, often in fat packs. I will admit that I spent the best part of 6000 L$ on skins from Laqroki.

I purchased the ‘Jessica’ skin in the Peach & Fair skintones. Both fat packs contained 8 makeups with either brown or blonde brows, making a total of 16 skins in each fatpack. I also brought the ‘Claudia’ skin in the Peach skintone. Both Jessica and Claudia are from the Glow skin range.



Picture set 1

Hair – Kizzy (blackberry) @ Deviant Kitties

Skin – Claudia 08 (peach skin tone) @ Laqroki

Top – Jenna (blue) @ Beauty Avatar

Pants – Leggings (black) @ Dutch Touch

Shoes – Pinta boots (black) @ INDI Designs is a new store in SL, and the following is taken directly from the blog (see my blogroll for the link)

Our first collection consists of mostly basics. We wanted to start with a good selection of separates that people could mix and match with anything in their wardrobe. We have a lot more planned beyond just the basics so keep an eye on!

As I had seen a review of this store on Evie’s blog, I thought I would have a look. They have the basic clothing items in store at the moment, but the quality of the design is very high…. I can’t wait to see the new releases.

I bought a few items at, including the Basic Leggings and Basic Flats, both in Black. The Basic Flats are not shown here, as I chose to wear the navy Saturday Flats from Shiny Things.



Picture set 2

Hair – Kaley (Indigo light tips – group gift) @ Deviant Kitties

Skin – Jessica 06 (peach skin tone) @ Laqroki

Top – Jenna (blue) @ Beauty Avatar

Pants – Basic Leggings (black) @

Shoes – Saturday Flats (winter colours – navy) @ Shiny Things

Pictures were taken on the Japan Tempura Island sim.


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