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Moving House

As the title says, I am moving house IN RL… apart from 2 years in the late 90’s, when I lived in halls of residence at university, I have lived at home with my folks.

Today I signed a tenancy on a nice 2-bedroom flat, with my RL lil brother as joint tenant… much safer sharing with him than with a complete stranger. Me & bro are expecting to move into the flat properly on Saturday 22nd August.

So this week I will be very busy packing my stuff and shifting furntiure out of my bedroom and getting it down to the flat.

Why take so long to move out of my folks’ place? Well, without going into details which are too personal and painful, things happened which meant that it was no longer possible for me or lil bro to stay at home with the folks. Lil bro started looking at renting a place of his own and asked if I was interested in sharing with him….naturally I said yes.

Went to see the flat about 2 weeks ago and voila! we are now moving in 😀


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