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It is Summer…. You wouldn’t know it given the mount of rain we have had over the last few weeks. The weather people said that we woud have such nice weather, that the barbecues were dusted off and set up, but it has rained and rained 😦

But in SL, it can be summer all year round lol….And as I have a fondness for 60s’ & 70s’ influenced style, I thought I would share with my current outfit, which inspired the title :P.

I like to browse other SL fashion blogs to see what other SL residents have in their wardrobes, and sometimes I really like some of the things 🙂  Such as the Alison tunic from MALT (another new-to-me store LOL), which comes in 6 colours (Hazy Mist, Purple Dreams, Green Pastures, Summer Wood, Strawberry Fields & Blue Skies). It was the Purple Dreams version that I had come across on another blog and liked it immediately….so I had to dash to MALT mainstore and have a look for myself. I got some other tops from that store, and for a reasonable price too. The tunic consists of a top on all shirt layers (great for undies and/or tattoos), glitch pants (on all pants layers), long skirt and dress skirt prim parts, green suede belt, and prim sleeve cuffs.



Tunic = Alison (Green Pastures) from MALT

Jeans from Dutch Touch

Hair = Heather (burnt auburn) from ETD discounts

Boots = Miss Arch (khaki socks option) from Pixel Fashion


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