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Pantha’s Top 10 shops & more

I have to thank my good friend Pantha for sharing something of her SL experience…

Hi I’m Pantha 🙂 I have been on SL since February 2008 and have loved it (well most of it! lol)

I love SL because of so many reasons – primarily my sl hubby and friends which is really what this is for me, a social vehicle.   Because SL is a world where you can do so many things that just aren’t feasible in RL i have tried out quite a few things…….from stripper to photographer to club owner.  I am also a part-time mermaid 🙂

I have had 3 relationships on here and my current relathionship has been 8 months of heaven (and counting!!) the other two are easily forgotten.  I think people either harden to SL, get on with it and have fun or they take it very seriously, get hurt and realise that SL is just RL but with sexier people in it lmaoo.

So i say try everything at least once :), protect yourself and others as we are all people inside the avatar and have a great time!!  Below are some of the places i have visited and landmarks – go check them out!!!

1) TWIN TOWERS – A very moving experience

2) STATUE OF LIBERTY – So well made – can sit up the top 🙂

3) TUNNEL OF LIGHT – Awesome experience – share a teacup or go the ride alone 🙂 

Whilst checking out these locations, found that Tunnel of Light no longer exists 😦

4) Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns

Pantha also gave me a notecard with her Top Ten Shops…. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that 2 of her Top Ten were also 2 of my favourite stores in SL (Dutch Touch & Deviant Kitties) lol

1. Twisted & Spoiled
2. Sassy Kittens
3. League
4. Deviant Kitties – For Hair
5. Redgrave – Skins and Clothes
6. Dutch Touch
7. Shabby Chic
8. Talon Faire – Eyelashes
9. Dahlinks – Jewellery
10. Elle et Lui

Thanks again Pantha 🙂 ….. I will be checking out the stores soon lol


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