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New outfit

As I was not feeling tired and having some serious RL issues going on at the mintue, I thought I would log into SL for a bit.

One of my favourite shops in SL is one which my SL sister, Sapphirre, took me to when I decided to get some good quality stuff….. Don’t get me wrong, freebies are offered in one way or another in SL through outlets giving away all the merchandise for free or less than 10L$, through to Midnight Mania boards and lucky chairs. I know some people in SL that thrive on getting freebies 🙂

To cheer myself up, I went to Dutch Touch, and got  some new things. So I thought I would blog one of the dresses I got.

Angie 1_001


Dress = Angie (PinkPurple) by Dutch Touch

Leggings = Leggings (black) (Separates Collection) by Dutch Touch

Hair = Rain (black) by BeWitched Hair

Skin = Forest Collection (Blossom “Rust”) by Dutch Touch


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