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SKINS IN SL (part 3)

Going from a store that I don’t know much about to one which I could consider to be one of my top SL stores, KC Fashions. At KC Fashions you will find Apex. (Please note that the link will land you at the New Releases Section of  the store. Apex can be found on the ground floor.)

Trinity by Apex - makeups 4 & 5
Trinity by Apex – makeups 4 & 5

Apex specialise in skins that are suitable for roleplay,as the individual skins are white or really pale (like Trinity as seen in the above picture), natural tones, and dark tones.

Each skin comes in 10 makeup options, and the demo skins are free. Each skin also come in 3 options, Brazillian, Natural and Bare. Some skins are on sale for 650 L$ or for 800L$.

To end my tour of SL skins is Emporio Caproni. I was introduced to this store my SL sister about 3 weeks after I had first arrived in SL. At that time I had thought that spending 800L$ on skin was expensive. This store is on two floors and there are teleporters to the first floor where more skins are on sale and where you can find the changing room.

To the left of the entrance is a small area selling v1 & v2 skins. These come as fatpacks only, and the demos are 1L$.

On the groundfloor, each skin comes in 6 different makeups (3 red and 3 pink). The demos are available for free and come as packs of all 6 makeups.

On the first floor, the skins come in 4 skin tones: Honey, Peach (pictured below), Caramel (see below) and Chocolate.

Peach skin tones
Peach skin tones
Caramel skin tones
Caramel skin tones

As shown in the pictures the skins come with 9 different makeups and fatpacks of 3 makeup options can brought, either as softs, mediums or darks, or all reds, pinks or purples.

On a personal note, all the skins I have brought I have worn once or twice, perhaps more, and I have brought skins that I have ended up binning because I didn’t like them any more, thus wasted money 😦 .

I hope that you can make a more informed opinion of the next skin that you want to get and therefore not waste alot of money on something that you will end up hating later on.


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