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SKINS IN SL (part 2)

I was only introduced to Belleza by a friend in SL when both of us were at our favourite SL nightclub. The conversation in local chat turned into one about skins. My friend had said that she had spent 1800L$ on 2 skins from the Brooke Collection at Belleza. I was blown away at the amount she had spent, and thought I must check out this store.

When arriving at Belleza, you land in a large open atrium. To the right is the section for the men, and to the left, the women’s section.

Belleza Brooke Collection = SK 18
Belleza Brooke Collection = Sun-Kissed (SK) 18

Each skin comes in 4 tones, Fair, Pale, Medium and Sun-Kissed. The demo skins are free.

The Brooke Collection, which brought me to this store in the first place, has makeup options in the four tones and come in 4 skin options (freckles & shaved, freckles, shaved and “natural”). Each makeup option is on sale for 900L$.

I came away with the makeup options 16 & 18 in the Sun-Kissed skin tone of the Brooke Collection, probably the most I had spent on skins in my first year in SL.

The most expensive collection in Belleza is the Belle Collection, which  has makeup options on sale for 1200L$ and with  2 skin options (“natural” and shaved). The cheapest collection I could find was the Ema Collection with the makeup options on sale for 700L$.

Belleza also offer skin and shape packages for 1100 L$ or 1400L$ .

My SL other half, Shibari Leary, introduced me to the next store, Beauty Avatar. All the skins come in 3 different tones: Natural, Light and Bronze. The demos are available for 1L$ and each makeup option is on sale for 1000L$.


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