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SKINS IN SL (part 1)

As I had been to Rockberry and got some really nice skins at a very reasonable price, and I had a look at the skins I had already in my inventory, it got me thinking about the skins available in SL for the female avatar.

I have found that like clothes and shoes, there are skins available to everyone in every price bracket — from the freebies to the most expensive (about 1000L$ +).

Oh yes there are 1000L$+ skins out there. Below are some of the stores that I know of, although I have no doubt there are many more that I don’t know about.

This is just a showcase of some of the skins available and I do not want to say that one particular range is good ffor everyone. Just as in RL, all avatars in SL are different. As in RL too, we invest a lot of time & energy in making our avatar selves looking good.

First on my tour is  Platinum. This is located on its own island sim, Platinum World, and the landing point is between the 2 halves of the shop…. to one side is the men’s section (sign-posted by a giant male mannequin) and on the other, the women’s section (with no mannequin).

.Yukiko Collection
Yukiko Collection
Lucy Collection
Lucy Collection

Above are just two of the skins that Platinum has on sale. Each one is on sale for 1000L$ and the collection for 5000L$. The demos are free.

The next step in my tour is RockBerry. This is a lovely shop to visit. The skins are spread around the groundfloor of the store, with some upstairs on the firstfloor to the right.

I had come across this brand via the blog, and it was until my friend, Evelyn Hartshon, listed this as one of her top stores in SL, did I actually go to the store. Thanks Evelyn :).

I have been unable to obtain any pictures of the skins available at RockBerry. However, RockBerry (owned by Helen Beebe) has a blog and the link is in my Blogroll, where you can find details about all the available skins.

The demo skins are free. Almost all skins come with 4 different options (shaved, dark brows & shaved, dark brows and natural), and come in 4 different skin tones (light, natural tan and dark). Each skin tone has 6 different makeup options.

There are some skins available for 275L$, which come in shaved & natural, and others availble for 450L$ with all 4 options. So far RockBerry is the only store that offers skins at a reasonable price and offer a good selection of skins. I would recommend that you visit this store at some point and look for yourself.


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