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Top SL places by Evelyn Hartshon

I had asked fellow SL resident and blogger, Evelyn Hartshon, about her Top 10 Stores and Favourite Places in SL.

She gladly passed me a notecard with the details.  I will be reviewing some of the stores in coming weeks — so watch this space 😉 .

If you want to know more about what Evelyn, aka Evie, is up to in  SL, please hit the link in my Blogroll for her own blog and it is well worth a look 😀


  1. Argrace
  2. Bishwear
  3. Red Queen
  4. sWEET HAIRs
  5. ::69::
  6. =Hal*Hina =


  1. The Closet
  2. Somapop
  3. Zaara
  4. Pididdle
  5. miel
  6. !Doux Petit Dahl [Mainstore
  7. “anuenue.+NoaR Mainstore
  8. *** So Many Styles ***
  9. Kookie  (clothes & Shoes)
  10. Maitreya (Hair, clothes, shoes & poses)
  11. Luck Inc
  12. Apple May
  13. Creamshop
  14. KiiToS


  1. Fashion Mode
  2. Vain Inc


  1. [ON]
  2. Pretties
  3. Cherry



  1. Un Jour
  2. Shiny Things
  3. Catnip

-RC- Cluster Mainstore


All reviewed @

  1. Club E-co
  2. Club Quake
  3. Ambrosia
  4. Scoutlounge
  5. Cafe Andromeda

One thought on “Top SL places by Evelyn Hartshon

  1. Can you believe I know none of these place? yes none lol
    now i ahve a new list to look at.

    Good work love

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