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Thought I would introduce you to what I have been wearing lately in SL.

Most of the time I am wearing complete outfits I have bought, but just lately I have found the joys of Mix-and-Match. 😀

I would like to thank  Shibari Leary for taking the picture, although fashion shoots are not his usual thing…..

viki clothes 3

The tunic top comes with 2 prim skirts (the 2nd option not shown makes the tunic look like a minidress), a prim spine-attachment for the shirt (much like a babydoll top athough this is not flexy!), pants for the prim skirts, 1 shirt on the  shirt and jacket layers, and prim sleeves. The store at MG Fashion offers the tunic in olive, light green, tan, grey, white and beige, as well as old pink.

The jeans are worn on the underpants layer. They can be found at the back of the groundfloor of the Dutch Touch mainstore and are part of  the Separates Collection. They come with both pants and underpants layers.

The skin as seen in the picture comes from Apex at KC Fashions, owned by Kittrannia Cassini. Each of the skins on sale at Apex come in 10 different makeups, and are either 650L$ or 800L$.  Each makeup come in 3 options = natural, brazillian and bare.

On my SL profile I have included in my Picks, one for Deviant Kitties. I have to admit to being a hair junkie, as I have spent more lindens on hair than anything else.  With this outfit I am wearing Chouli (black), a cute hairstyle with the hair tied in ponytails either side of a central parting and a fringe that partly obscures the face. The hair comes in colour packs of 3, 5 or 6 colours, with plains for 200L$ or the colour-tips for 225 L$.  Demos of the various colour packs are available for free and can be found near the New Releases.   The store has undergone a recent refurbishment and now includes a Discount section, offering some of the older hairstyles at a much affordable 75L$. *


Top     = Eva tunic (old pink) from MG Fashion

Jeans = *separates collection* at Dutch Touch

Boots = Elegance from Bootlag

Hair   = Chouli (black) from Deviant Kitties

Skin    = Abigail (makeup 09) from Apex at KC Fashions

* To be confirmed  😉


One thought on “MY CURRENT OUTFIT IN SL ;)

  1. It was my pleasure to do pics for you love, love the work you doing. Now if I could get off my arse and do one.

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