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ARGRACE (store review)

I must thank  Evelyn Hartshon for providing the information in the last blog *hugs*

I thought as I am being totally lazy today in RL & in SL,  I might check out some of the stores and so made my way over to Argrace.

How many times have any of us gone into a shop in SL, and found ourselves disliking the place, due to the surroundings….maybe the ceilings too low, small rooms etc? Well Argrace is the total opposite…..well lit and spacious rooms 🙂

As you enter the store, turn to the right and you will enter the clothes section of the store. The first part of this is Menswear and just beyond this is the Womenswear section. And at the back, is the hair section.


All the items are displayed neatly and with the occasional little black bag offering a fatpack (as seen in the top right corner and on the table).

Many stores in SL offer a range of items from clothes, skins, shoes, hair and many more.  But from my own experience, these stores often neglect parts when they start to concentrate on just one item.

However, I have been pleasantly surprised by Argrace. The clothes on sale are of fine quality. But the main reason for my visit was to see why Evie said this was one of her favourites regarding hair.

Hair @ Argrace_001

In this picture, I am wearing the demo (copper) of  the Elegance hairstyle and the Long Stole (Shirring pattern) in ivory.

This hairstyle reminds me of Alice in “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll — straight with a faint wavy texture & hair band. The hairband is scripted so that you can choose one of  six colours (blue, green, brown, orange, pink & purple).   I often try the demos (where available) before buying, as I can tell from all possible camera angles if  it suits me or not.

Argrace also have hairstyles that include caps. With these, you also have the option to wear the cap alone.

All demos are available at 1L$ each, but vary in content as some (like the Elegance) have 4 demo colours or some like the cap/hair combinations have 2 (1 cap hair & 1 cap only).

Although the range of hairstyles is small, the hair is of high quality, no doubt due to the time and effort put in by the designers.

I have included the link to the Argrace blog/website in my Blogroll,  so please take a few minutes to have a look around the site and visit the store inworld…. Maybe you will come away with a thing or two or three….


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